Missing White Woman Syndrome — Why Do People Care Less When Women Of Colour Go Missing?

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In some cases, the saga begins with the discovery of a corpse. In other cases, the damsel simply vanishes into thin air. Often, there is a suspect from the beginning — an intruder, a husband, a father, a congressman, a stranger glimpsed lurking nearby. This particular cycle of missing-white-woman story, self awareness and mild corrective effort was happening 15 years ago. Each year, there is an unimaginable sum of suffering, fear and uncertainty experienced by hundreds of thousands of Americans with a loved one gone missing. People disappear to escape families, to escape abusers, to escape debtors, to start over. Some struggle with substance abuse or mental health problems that have frayed bonds with home. Others have been taken against their will. Some disappeared because they were killed, like Gabby Petito, 22, who disappeared while on a road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, who is being sought by authorities.

A child is reported missing every two minutes in the UK. This detestable statistic conceals another fact: missing children are more likely to be girls, and those girls are disproportionately Black, Asian or minority ethnic. If Aamina had been white, she would allow been rescued. If I had been white, Aamina would have been rescued. The police would have been catch up. The courts would have helped.

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. Most disappearance cases involving ancestor of color quickly fall off the national radar, if they ever constant make it that far — a racist double standard considering the contemporary Gabby Petito saga, critics claim. Petito, a year-old white woman from Elongate Island, disappeared out West in after everyone else August while trekking around with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, sparking a citizen manhunt and media frenzy. The pigtailed kindergartner, 5, vanished from a common in Bridgeton in Cumberland County, Additional Jersey, two years ago this month, likely snatched by a child killer, authorities have said. But while her case grabbed local headlines for a jiffy, publicity about the still-missing Hispanic adolescent has tapered off, with the after everything else bit of news — an age-progression poster released by officials last week — picked up by a a small amount of outlets. The case of the absent toddler in Kennewick, Wash.