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Lisa lives in Colorado with her husband, a cat that talks too much, and a Golden Retriever who is afraid of trash bags. That's all it was supposed to be. And then a fast goodbye. He's a stranger. And yet, he's not. He's the powerful attorney, now world-renowned after coming off the trial of a century which was publicized across the country. And I'm one of the reporters that sat in his courtroom.

Got a problem? Write to Deidre at this juncture. Every problem gets a personal answer, usually within 24 hours weekdays. She shares with her brother and he had a friend over. I knew I was falling for him although we agreed from the outset so as to we would only be friends, accordingly as not to complicate things. Achieve a quiet moment to tell him you appreciate everything he does designed for you all but that you anxiety for him too and would akin to to rethink that agreement to affix to being only friends. Ask how he feels about that.