Six Ways to Expand Your Perspective

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Last week I wrote about why your perspective as a leader is so powerful. If you missed it, it is a great prelude to this article. Today I give you practical ways to get more and new perspectives into your experience and thought process. Note: None of these are difficult in and of themselves, but all may require a change of habit or thinking.

Ancestor teach us to walk, talk, announce, and care for ourselves. Through our relationships, we learn to respect, benefit from, and love people who are altered from us. And through relationships, we broaden horizons and discover things a propos ourselves and the world that ember our curiosity and passion , bringing fulfillment, joy, and pleasure throughout our lives. Search Institute has identified three actions that expand possibilities:. Here are some ways moms, dads, and erstwhile parenting adults expand possibilities with their kids:. We would like there en route for be other people we can add up on when our kids need them. Yet we sometimes are slow en route for connect our kids with other adults, ideas, and experiences.

The importance of reading is completely incontestable. But before you shut down books and reading all together, take the time to learn more about the importance of reading and all the incredible benefits that come with it. Challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone, and you can even surprise yourself with a brand new passion. Why is reading important exactly? For starters, reading helps to develop the mind and give us add ideas. The study closely examined eldery women and men in their 80s, and gave them mentally stimulating tasks, including reading and writing.

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