Confined to a wheelchair Nicolas dreams of being able to fly one day

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A child with long-lashed green eyes dashes to the gate. He is in a wheelchair operated by a few buttons. Behind him, a little dog bounces all happy. The boy smiles and talks on and on about his likes: math, animals, Chinese culture, music, painting.

Kids can need wheelchairs for many altered reasons. Some have had injuries also to their legs or spine , which controls leg movement. Others allow disabilities due to muscular dystrophy before cerebral palsy. In some cases, kids have wheelchairs but don't need en route for use them all the time. Designed for example, they might be able en route for walk with the aid of crutches or a walker sometimes. Today's wheelchairs are light, fast, and easy en route for use. Many use computer technology after that offer better support for a person's back, neck, head, and legs. They also include safety features such at the same time as automatic brakes and anti-tipping devices.

Having the right equipment and aids be able to be important to independent living. A few may be related to a actual health need, others to assist you with particular tasks. Your doctor be able to prescribe certain items from an accepted list. Some items can be provided through the district nurse - this will usually need an assessment after that recommendation by a nurse or analyst. Items include:. Your doctor can additionally refer you to specialist services designed for other kinds of health equipment.