The women ADDICTED to exercise because they're hooked on the natural high

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Tara Fuller got hooked when she joined a gym in her early 20s. She started hitting the gym twice a day: Spinning before work, pilates or yoga after, even back-to-back classes. She also started training for half marathons, sprint triathlons—always pushing, pushing, pushing. Stories like Fuller's are surprisingly common.

All weekday, Lisa Vickery follows the alike punishing routine. She gets up by 5am and runs from her abode to work, which takes an hour and 15 minutes. Then, before she arrives at her desk, she visits a local yoga centre for an intense, hour-long Bikram yoga class all the rage 40c heat. After a day's act as a TV presenter, she squeezes in another strenuous yoga session ahead of setting off on her long administer home. To most women, her application regime sounds as gruelling as a professional athlete's -and a world absent from 'normal' workout schedules. Every basic, TV presenter Lisa Vickery, 35, as of London, follows the same punishing application routine from 5am.