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With contributions from across the industry, We Too covers a broad range of topics—such as activism and organizing, parenthood and homelessness, sexual health and BDSM—and works to complicate the narrow understandings of sexual harassment and violence that emerged from the metoo movement. I had a hard turd stuck in my tiny butthole, without enough abdominal strength in my little body to push it out. Terrible tearing pain. My grandmother came rushing into the bathroom.

It seems pretty exciting, doesn't it? It is for a lot of folks! The acronym BDSM is really three acronyms combined into one, which reflects how closely related the three a lot are. These categories almost always be related each other. Although it is achievable for someone to only be attract in one specific form of act fulfilling just one of the acronyms, it's much more common for these areas to exist together during playtime to varying degrees, depending upon the desires and consents of the act partners involved. Even in BDSM, accept is what makes it all act. Any activity performed without consent is abuse. It's only with consent so as to it gets to be called act. The two aspects of each contraction polarize each other.

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