Building the Field of Teen Healthy Relationships Programming in Canada

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Note 27 The total number of employed women increased by a factor of 2. Note 28 During recessions, women tend to experience fewer job losses than men, partly due to the segmentation of the labour market by gender. Specifically, women are overrepresented in education, health care, and government, and underrepresented in cyclical sectors of the economy: construction and manufacturing. Note 29 Note 30 Note 31 Focusing on the last three recessions in Canada, the employment rate of women decreased by less than one percentage point between and1. Note 32 By comparison, the employment rate of men decreased by 5.

The goal of these five years is to support programs that help adolescence learn strategies to develop and argue healthy interpersonal relationships to prevent gender-based violence and to avoid its abrupt and long term impacts on individuals, communities and Canadian society. There is a growing body of evidence so as to shows that collaborative approaches to addressing complex social problems, such as gender-based violence, achieve greater and more durable success than isolated efforts. The application of this initiative is to add to and strengthen links and relationships amid these stakeholders and establish greater adroitness, alignment, communication and knowledge sharing. This could involve more focus groups along with youth or consultations, hiring youth representatives to work in key roles all the rage the national network, involving youth all the rage program development, and engaging with adolescence in advisory committees or youth councils. Developing a shared framework that is anti-colonial, intersectional, feminist, and committed en route for amplifying the leadership of youth along adult stakeholders. This is also allied to the need for developing a shared vocabulary across the field, along with agreement on basic principles for the work of Teen Healthy Relationships programs. Focusing both on prevention and intercession, which means developing programs both en route for prevent unhealthy relationships, as well at the same time as programs that respond to violence contained by relationships by providing support and anxiety. Key Priorities for the Strengthening the Field Supporting the work of Adolescent Healthy Relationships Program Providers, by identifying core skills, basic training and evaluations programs. Building a National Leadership after that Network, for engaging and advocating along with government, building relationships with funding agencies, and sharing knowledge throughout the area.

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