Is It Just Me or Is My Sex Drive Higher Than Usual?

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There can be a simple solution. Everyone is different. The challenge comes when a lower sex drive causes issues in your relationship and creates stress. These may include:. Pain can dull your sex drive, and vaginal dryness and thinning tissue can make intercourse painful which definitely puts a dent in your libido. However, changes in these levels can have an impact on your desire for sex. Did you know that diseases such as diabetes, cancer and arthritis can affect your sex drive? There may also be neurological causes that contribute to the condition. Stress and anxiety can hamper your sex drive.

Although a high libido is often careful healthy, sometimes you might wonder why your sex drive seems higher than normal or has suddenly increased. The sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels can vary during your days — but also within the avenue of a day — affecting your sex drive along with them. Designed for women, estrogen levels rise before after that during ovulationcausing an increase in femininity drive. Meanwhile, high testosterone levels all the rage men have been linked to advanced libido. High levels of testosterone are common in younger men and athletes using steroids. A report found so as to being on estrogen therapies, like designed for menopause or bone lossmay be the reason for a higher sex ambition in women. Additionally, if you're attractive testosterone with low-dose estrogen therapy designed for postmenopausal purposes it may also add to your sex drive. Those who are younger may have a higher femininity drive than older adults. For case, testosterone production increases 10 times all the rage adolescent boys, which explains the add to in arousal or interest in femininity at that period in development.