Let's Get Happy Together

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When Maria Muldaur discovered the music of Tuba Skinny she learned that just like herself, these musicians study, play and immerse themselves in early blues, jazz and jug-band music of the 20s and 30s. Listening to their albums, Maria came to the conclusion that ''they were not just playing a marvelous repertoire of cool tunes with great skill and authenticity, but somehow channeling the very atmosphere and vibration of that bygone era. It was so well received that an album was immediately conceived and recorded later that year, with the title track summing it all up: Let's Get Happy Together. Performing 12 songs as close as possible in feeling to the original recordings, Tuba Skinny and Maria Muldaur breathed life into rarely heard gems from this incredible era.

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The song also reached the top 20 in diverse countries, including number 2 in Canada and number 12 all the rage the UK. It was later built-in on their third studio album, Blissful Together The lyrics, despite the joyous sound of the music, articulate an unrequited, imagined love. They recorded two demos, one comprised a austere arrangement of acoustic guitar and handclaps, along with a second demo along with more instruments, recorded at Regent Activate in New York City. The agree with demo was produced by Ritchie Adams. The demo was offered and rejected by a dozen artists, due en route for its primitive sound. At the alike time, Bonner and Gordon also heard very positive feedback on the demo tape from their contemporaries.