No Strings Attached Relationship: Things You Should Know

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Lifestyle Confession No Strings Attached Being in an exclusive relationship has always been my thing. You probably think I sound outdated but a girl likes what she likes. We live in a new generation now, where people are freer and definitely more liberated when it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships. Getting the milk without buying the cow has been and still is a thing. No strings attached ran so the situationships we know and hate today could run. Do I hate them? Not necessarily. Have I experienced a No-strings-attached type relationship?

Emma : Ring ring! It's the pumpkin patch. They want their pumpkins back! Lisa : We're not pumpkins! Emma : But you're so orange! A big cheese call Charlie Brown! We found the Great Pumpkin! Emma : Do you wanna do this?

Reviewed on: February 10th, Emma: No Strings Attached is a film better suited to wiping your ass with than actually watching. If we had not paid to see it, my companion and I would have walked absent long before it came to it's pointless, predicatable ending. Emma and Adam first meet when they are 14 years old at camp, where Adam tells Emma his parents are accomplishment divorced and then asks if he can finger her. This starts a film where absolutely everyone is bad-mannered and disrespectful to each other.