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More women in the U. My second apartment in New York will go down as one of the great loves of my life. After I decided it was The One, I learned to spackle, prime, and sand so that I could spend a long weekend wearing a cheap dust mask on a borrowed ladder, painting it my favorite shade of charcoal gray; I outfitted it from end to end with multiple vectors of Bluetooth and wireless speaker systems; I ordered and assembled furniture in sleek black and playful yellow to sleep and eat and sit on; I hung tasteful black-and-white framed photo prints on the walls. In return, my apartment has become the steadfastly welcoming presence in my life that I cannot wait to come home to. I am not a bachelor, nor was I at the time. I was a year-old single woman. But as I struggled for a phrase that better suited my living situation—a Carrie Bradshaw apartment?

Fact confirms more women have realized around are far worse things than dying alone, which is bad news designed for the patriarchy. Pun intended! Data confirms that more women have begun en route for realize that there are far inferior things than dying alone, which is great news for women but abysmal news for the patriarchy. There are those who still believe that accepted marriage is the natural order of things — and that those not participating in this institution are deteriorate society, and must be desperately dejected and lonely. And yes, for a lot of of us it is an committed choice, not just an economic conclusion. By contrast, married men are healthier than men who are not. Why the discrepancy?

Afterwards carefully checking she was not body followed, Yara locked the gate en route for her building on a narrow fast lane in Cairo and headed to her rented flat. The young journalist lives apart from her parents, and is one of a growing number bucking the trend in Egypt where girls rarely leave the family home ahead of marriage. I chose to live alone from my brother, who also lives in Cairo, to find more age for writing and reading, she alleged. Her room does not have a dressing table, but the walls are filled with images of political activists and freedom slogans. The growing bright star can be traced back to the calls for change that accompanied the revolution in early She alleged for young girls, leaving home is a gradual process because they allow been so conditioned by society frowning on it.

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