Is my hair blonde or brown? help!

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I can't really say what level it is without seeing in person but really dark blonde and light brown are practically the same thing. I would call that a dark blonde. My daughters hair is the same colour and often people say it is brown, but coming from a family of dark haired people, I am certain it is blonde. If you were a blonde child, and your natural colour lightens in the sun to blonde, then it is blonde in my book!

The year was Her hair was platinum and, at that moment, I just knew mine had to be, too. This impulse led quickly, along with little-to-no council, to the salon anywhere, head set ablaze with bleach, I silently screamed my way to the hair of my dreams. It was life-changing. Looking in a mirror after that seeing, essentially, a millennial, dragonless Daenerys Targaryen in the reflection, filled me with the triumphant glee of defying genetics in the name of self-determined vanity. It was at once an instant accessory and a bold character statement — unnatural-looking, for sure, although that was the point.

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Dense 1. Why do blondes tip-toe ancient medicine cabinets? How do you adhere to a blonde busy? How do you keep a blonde in the bathe all day? Why did the fair-haired get so excited about finishing a jigsaw puzzle in six months? Can you repeat that? did the blonde say after glimpsing a box of Cheerios?