Blue Eyes Dream Meaning

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Ambition Interpretation indicates that the symbol of blue eyes means failures, intrigues of enemies, gossip, harm due to your own indecision. But also the action in a dream promises the accomplishment of the upcoming undertakings, the arise of important information, a journey. But you happened to see blue eyes in a dream, this is a sign proving that ill wishers spread gossip about you, and you accomplish not oppose them because of your own gullibility and sincerity. Shiny azure eyes of someone unknown who watches you carefully in a dream calculate that you should be more alert with your business because difficulties are quite possible. Your family and relatives will surround you with love after that care. If you saw big attractive blue eyes in a dream, this means you will receive some central information or a gift. Looking addicted to blue eyes but not seeing the face is a symbol of armour of the highest powers; the fantasist will be successful in his projects. The interpretation of a dream a propos blue-eyed man is quite favorable — you will find a new acquaintance who will become your soul assistant. A man with blue eyes all the rage a dream can also be a promise of a trip and accomplishment great impressions.