The Hardy Boys

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Developed by Steve Cochrane and Jason Stone, this new and improved version of The Hardy Boys breaks away from its predecessors and instead, takes on a more mysterious tone steeped deeply in the supernatural. Both are beach town mysteries with supernatural components, after all. Most of the time, anyway. It takes Campbell a bit longer to settle into the more straight-laced Frank, who starts out stiff and unsure in his ability to carry a series. This show never really forgets these kids are still kids; routinely dropping the boys in scenarios that end with them paying dearly for careless mistakes. Aiding and abetting a fugitive, investigating dirty cops, and attempting to trap a Russian Mafia assassin you read that right are all big swings that cause serious consequences for not just the boys, but their entire Scooby Gang of friendly helpers. Considering all the characters and various moving pieces, the show also does a fairly solid job at balancing its time, even occasionally, if anything, feeling slightly tedious.

This was the first Hardy Boys charge I ever read. He had according to the grapevine never become terribly interested in Above-board and Joe, even in his pre-Atari days; he had only five before six Hardy Boys books and—embarrassingly—a a small amount of assorted Bobbsey Twins adventures. The Hardys were for boys, Nancy for girls; for whom were the Bobbseys meant? Dixon and Carolyn Keene come at the appointed time to mind. It took me four years or so before I after all admitted to myself that neither Mr. Dixon nor Ms. My faith began to crumble, however, as I check out older editions of the books from my grade school resource area, editions with yellowing paper, which lacked the familiar blue spines and were bound instead in beige covers along with brown lettering and, on the abut cover, an iconic silhouette of two Hardy Boy-ish figures crouching with flashlights, a sad substitute for the electrify, customized illustrations that graced the newer editions. The single-F. Dixon theory was seeming less likely.

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