Failing at Trying to Have an Affair

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Something really unsexy is happening to mainstream sexual culture. During my twenties I was able to bypass this truth because I moved around and traveled, inviting the thrill of newness along the way. Or I managed to end relationships as soon as the honey moon phase was over. I thought my sexuality was alive and awake due to the stories I brought to sex, and not because my actual direct sexual experiences were deeply pleasurable. This has been a very liberating and empowering experiment for me thus far. I spent my 20s being an intellectual sponge. I lived alone in several countries, worked an eclectic mix of jobs, from art gallery director to dairy farmer, while doing graduate research and attending conferences. I mean, I really resisted complying to the patriarchal establishment in every way imaginable. Given that I dared to peer behind the curtain, I often felt heart broken by the fact that women are not revered in most cultures today.

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