Are Skinny Fit Hiking Pants Right For You?

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Nylon - Nylon is an exceptionally durable synthetic fabric that dries quickly. It tends to feel slightly softer on the skin than other synthetic fabrics. Because of the way nylon is made, it tends to be a bit pricier. Polyester - Polyester is very durable although slightly less so than nylonand naturally hydrophobic. Polyester absorbs less water than nylon and wicks moisture to the surface more effectively where it can evaporate and dry quicker. Cotton - Cotton is soft and comfortable against the skin, but it absorbs water. Most pants we tested have two-way stretch, which means they only stretch one direction typically crosswise. These pants will stretch across your thighs and knees when you have to climb over blowdowns or do boulder scrambles. Some pants have four-way stretch which means the fabric stretches crosswise and lengthwise, these pants will be overall easier to move around in and will feel less inhibiting.

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Why would you want to wear emaciated hiking pants? This is a ask I asked myself as I started to learn more about this craze, but after buying a pair designed for myself and looking at my accept experiences with outdoor apparelthe more it made sense. There are those activities that are better performed with add form-fitting clothing. You want the blow to move with you, not allow your knee rubbing against the basics.