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It was a strange ending to a voyage that had commenced in a most auspicious manner. The passengers constituted a select and delightful society. The charm of new acquaintances and ad hoc amusements served to make the age pass agreeably. We enjoyed the affable sensation of being separated from the world, living, as it were, ahead an unknown island, and consequently appreciative to be sociable with each erstwhile. Have you ever stopped to be concerned about how much originality and spontaneity come from these various individuals who, arrange the preceding evening, did not constant know each other, and who are now, for several days, condemned en route for lead a life of extreme closeness, jointly defying the anger of the ocean, the terrible onslaught of the waves, the violence of the blizzard and the agonizing monotony of the calm and sleepy water? Such a life becomes a sort of appalling existence, with its storms and its grandeurs, its monotony and its diversity; and that is why, perhaps, we embark upon that short voyage along with mingled feelings of pleasure and alarm. But, during the past few years, a new sensation had been added to the life of the transatlantic traveler. The little floating island is now attached to the world as of which it was once quite at no cost. A bond united them, even all the rage the very heart of the bland wastes of the Atlantic.