Why do women like bad boys vs nice guys?

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Many guys make the mistake of thinking that bad boys are actually bad people and then end up being assholes to women when trying to imitate them. This causes even more and harder rejections, exacerbating their problems further. Since too many guys believe bad boys get all the girls because they treat women like shit. Which is completely wrong on so many levels. The fundamental reason why bad boys are attractive The actual reason why bad boys are so attractive to most women is because they can quickly and powerfully spike their emotions. And also because they tend to embody certain attractive personality traits. Like doing whatever the hell they want and having very strong, dominant views on things. Following their own path in life and not taking shit from anyone.

Accordingly why do women like bad boys, exactly? They get women because they push for it and escalate callously and unabashedly. They have the audaciousness to try and try again, after that they often succeed. Which means the whole label is bullshit, to activate with. They simply do whatever the hell they want. They follow their own path in life and at time people around them get unintentionally ache as a result, mostly as a side effect. So what is a bad boy?

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