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Levi's 4. However, we recommend starting along with the , and The after that both feature a mid-rise that is tapered to nip in a bit at the waist, while the features a higher cut designed to agreement a similar effect. All three allow higher percentages of elastane in the denim a major plus for curvy frames , especially around the waistband, which also helps to eliminate cavernous. Old Navy 5. The plus-size album in particular, which has been change to nip in more at the waist and features slimming panels all along the front and sides, is absolute for accommodating both a big barrel and larger thighs or hips. Individual tip: Seek out the high-waist styles here, as the mid- and low-rise have more of a straight able-bodied and might not provide a becoming fit. Oh, and as an added bonus, most of these jeans are offered in petite and tall lengths. Guess 6.