There's Science That Explains Why Women Fantasize About Rough Sex

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The only area where we are mismatched is our libidos — mine is very high and his is not. During our last sexual encounter, I talked to my husband about this beforehand and asked him if he would incorporate a few of these things to try them out — like biting me and slapping different parts of my body. It did not hurt me, and I found everything incredibly enjoyable. The next day, I was talking with my husband about this to see how he felt and if he liked it.

It first happened at a party after everything else November. I was making small address with some girls I didn't appreciate too well. Another chimed in along with a story about coaxing a cautious ex into experimenting with rougher, kinkier stuff. Pretty soon, we were altogether gabbing about forceful sex with the same breezy air we'd use en route for discuss an episode of The Mindy Project. Even otherwise-decorous party guests seemed to have something to say a propos, say, slapping and spanking during femininity. Since that party, the topic of rough sex has come up all over again and again, as improbable as discussing it in public once seemed en route for be. It's not that rough femininity as a concept is new the Romans were down with it, according to ancient frescoes , but considerably, rough ex seems to have appear out of the closet. Women after that men! Until now.

Although the desire for rough sex is not new. Rough sex can be biting your lover, holding her along with your body weight, or alternative her up and carrying her bad to bed like a caveman. After that, of course, rough sex can acquire more intense, venturing into some BDSM territory, like tying her to the bed and being very rough — pinching her, spanking her , after that finally pounding into her. The craze favoring rougher sex has worried women, men and lots of parents, above all in the form of discussion a propos the level of abuse present all the rage the relationship at the center of 50 Shades of Grey.