Some Men Check Out Women Constantly. Are They More Likely to Cheat?

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What kind of broken ethics is this? Privacy For a reasonable and prudent person, privacy takes work. Want to bathe in private? Most people do so at home, in a room dedicated for the purpose, with a door to close and possibly lock, and occasionally, behind some further barrier. Want to keep non-electronic communication private? We enclose the communication in an opaque container, and deliver it via a courier who promises to exercise reasonable care to keep any from looking inside the container, with specific well-defined exceptions, enforced by the legal apparatus of society. We further seal the container, and perhaps even add mechanisms to detect tampering. Want to keep electronic communication private? An encryption scheme must be agreed upon, and the proper keys exchanged, and the private portion kept hidden.

At this juncture are ways to respond to those concerned messages. For many of you, your natural tendency is to acquaint with a brave face, and so we will include stoic sounding messages you can use as not to agonize your family. But remember, they are checking up on you out of concern and love. Accept their advantage if necessary instead of suffering all the rage silence, and tell others if you are not doing well and basic help. Whether you recently lost a close family member or are available through an illness, here are a few ways to respond to the continual texts and phone calls that bidding keep you from sounding like a broken record.

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