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Be right there! I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th avenue - this is my typical accelerate location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving about the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear. The erstwhile problem which is a recent individual that has happened the past 2 days is that I get coordinated with a very convenient driver, amble to the pickup location very blissfully and then they cancel. The after that drivers multiple I am matched along with are extremely far away up en route for 10 minutes and I am affected to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am at once late. Drivers should not be adept to cancel when they are so as to close to picking up their clause, especially with uber pool where so as to person has most likely walked affably far to get there. I heard so many good stories about ancestor using Uber and being pleased along with its service, but when my companion and I reached Los Angeles after that decided to use it I bring into being out the harsh reality.