Perfect Chemistry

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Overview[ edit ] Brittany Ellis has worked extremely hard to put on a picture perfect image to hide her horrible home life and Alex Fuentes' dangerous gang ties through friends, family and he himself throughout his life have caused him nothing but chaos. Their senior year at high school starts and Brittany and Alex are assigned to each other as lab partners in chemistry at their school, Fairfield High. Brittany knows that Alex and his reputation are threatening everything she has worked so hard to keep in place such as her perfect reputation, her relationship with her popular boyfriend Colin the star captain of the football team and her secret home life that no one, not even her best friends, must find out about. Alex and his friends make a bet that Alex has to have sex with Brittany before Thanksgiving in order to boost Alex's bad boy reputation and to ruin Brittany's picture perfect one. But feelings appear and Alex starts to second guess the bet but also the relationship when Brittany begins to open up about her life introducing him to her deepest secret, but doubt returns once more knowing that the gang lifestyle that had claimed his father's life is bound to claim his also.

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