14 women share their best tips for getting laid

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Americans spend nearly three hours a day on the couch, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. So if the couch is a big part of your life, you might want to start having sex on it. I mean, why not? Couch sex can be a hot place to mix it up in a relationship; it can be the setting for impromptu sex during downtime; or, it can be a convenient place to get it on while watching Mr. Smith or, you know, straight up porn—no shame in that. How to: Your partner sits cross-legged as you mount his lap, facing him with your legs wrapped around his back. Why it's great: This compact move is perfect for any couch, whether luxury sectional or an apartment-sized love seat no pun intended. This position is not only supremely intimate, but can allow your partner to reach both your clitoris and G-spot, while stroking other erogenous zones like face, upper body, and neck. How to: Lie on your right side as your partner kneels over your right leg, straddling it, and curl your left leg around his left side.

Absolutely, most sex is pretty great. Denial, really, hear me out. You were going to shower anyway, right? Able-bodied, now you actually have something appeal washing off. Plus, starting your calendar day off with a big bowl of Os if you know what I mean can give your productivity a boost during the day. In actuality, according to a recent survey , more than 45 percent of women who dabble in a. Still skeptical? Scroll down for every single benefit—straight from experts—that morning sex has en route for offer.

Having morning sex. Morning sex helps aid you into your workday. It be able to boost your energy levels and allay stress. Having an orgasm definitely improves your mood. And, best of altogether, you bond with your partner.