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In Ramblings Fuck life. Fuck adulthood. Fuck being responsible. Fuck you if you hand handle a four letter word. No one asked you to read this fucking tirade. Fuck diabetes and the fucking bullshit that goes with it. Fuck needles. Fuck insulin.

Consume less time on my phone, application on my personal project in the evenings instead of watching Netflix, ascertain myself in my career so I can become a 30 under 30, call my family more. Maybe altogether of them? These are things my friends and I say to all other all the time, and be a sign of a lot of the things I say to my therapist too. After that of course, this has a bang on effect on our mental constancy. We get anxious. We run arrange coffee and shit food.

After you give too many fucks can you repeat that? strangers think about you, you aim up feeling insecure in public places. Seriously, even the most confident men worry about how other people become aware of them. Get that big promotion? She finally texted you back? Receive a nice compliment? Which leads me en route for point 2… 2: Build a Daily life You Can Be Proud of The fastest way to stop giving a fuck is to start living a life that YOU can be arrogant of… regardless of what other ancestor think. And this all starts along with strong daily habits. For me, this means doing things like lifting weights, practicing martial artsplaying basketball, writing, meditatingand traveling on a regular basis.