What 9 Women Wish They Knew About Anal Sex Before They Tried It

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Pinterest Butt stuff is an entirely different type of play from oral and vaginal sex for many reasons. Those who love anal sex are often appreciative of its highly intimate nature and the unique sensation of fullness it gives the receiver. Having said that, butt stuff should be something you choose to do — not something you do to please anyone but yourself, and certainly not something anyone can be pushy or coercive about doing with you. Because everyone deserves to have a beautiful bum experience every time, here are seven tips that will help you prepare for and then enjoy yours. Use the right condom for you when having anal sex. First things first: Figure out your safer-sex approach. Keep in mind that if you're not using a condom, anal sex is a higher-risk sex actespecially for the receiver. HIV and hepatitis are easily spread this way because they're transmitted through blood-to-blood or semen-to-blood contact.

After that go in with a finger before a very small butt plug, followed by two fingers or a larger toy. Then, if the receiving affiliate is comfortable, you can enter along with your penis. It's hard to calculate how long it'll take to acquire there. Talk to your partner the whole way through about what feels good. What positions should we try? There are lots of great positions for anal sex beginners. Receiving partners often find it easiest to be on their back, on their abdomen, or on all fours. If a little poop make an appearance, don't be a dick about it.