Feb. 20 1920: Fortune teller arrested for abducting girl

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From tothe Canadian West opened for mass settlement, and became home to millions of immigrant settlers seeking a new life. The Prairie Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta grew rapidly in these years as settlers began to transform the barren prairie flatland and establish unique cultural settlements. Many motivations brought immigrants to Canada: greater economic opportunity and improved quality of life, an escape from oppression and persecution, and opportunities and adventures presented to desirable immigrant groups by Canadian immigration agencies. By examining these motivations, an understanding of Prairie immigration experiences and settlement patterns evolves in interesting ways. The immigration boom leading up to was one of the most important periods of Canadian population growth. Significant changes occurred in Canada after that made the Prairie immigration boom possible: the construction of a transcontinental railroad made transportation and travel accessible; the Dominion Lands Act of created free and fertile homesteads for settlers; the establishment of the North-West Mounted Police in guaranteed the safety of Prairie residents; and the creation of the Department of the Interior in attracted hard-working immigrants to the region. While the period after saw a rise in international immigration, the movement did not fully take off until After a tough economic recession from toCanada thirsted for settlers.

A fortune teller and a year-old child were arrested at a downtown abode after city police received a cable from Montreal reporting the teen had been abducted. The fortune teller, a Mrs. Ely was easy to achieve because she had recently been arrested, along with another young girl, after that charged with theft for stealing capital from a local man while he was having his fortune told. A Montreal police detective arrived to accompany the girl back, but the Edmonton Gypsy community hired three lawyers en route for block her return.

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Maurice Boucher born June 21, is a Canadian murderer, reputed drug trafficker, after that outlaw biker—the former President of the Hells Angels ' Montreal chapter. He has one known daughter, Alexandra Boucher, and a son, Francis Boucher. Instinctive in Causapscal, QuebecCanada, he was raised in poverty in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area of inner-city Montrealwhere his family moved when he was two years aged. Boucher's school reports describe him at the same time as an indifferent student and he dropped out of school in grade 9 to work odd jobs. Unhappy along with his income and desperate to aid his drug habit, he turned en route for crime. By his own admission, Boucher was addicted to alcohol and marijuana and he often used cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, and heroin, though he assured to a police psychologist, Martin Pellerin, in February that he stopped using hard drugs in September On 5 NovemberBoucher committed an armed robbery although was caught and sentenced to 40 months in prison.

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