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He can be a werewolf, a vampire, funny, sexy, smart, dumb-but-hot, movie star, king, soldier, construction worker… wow, its easy to get side tracked thinking of the vast variety of hotness in Romancelandia! Women always go for the bad boy. Or do they? Please pause for a moment and imagine the meaningful, one-eyebrow-raised look I give as I ask that question… Bad boys are not a new phenomenon by any means. Cowboy outlaws who ride hard, shoot fast, and always tip their hats and drawl pardon, little lady after a big barroom brawl. More to the point, our appreciation of bad boys is not new. Rawr insert a deep, throaty purring noise here. Of course, the photo you see is of Jonny Lee Miller acting as Lord Byron in the new BBC drama because, well, our ideals of hotness have changed over the centuries, to say the least. I was the classic good girl.

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Abide it away, Ashley! A sexy assassin thriller, maybe even one with a romance you can root for. Anything the angle, romance in thrillers is all about high stakes. Protagonist Jo, alongside her friend Lou, make a living extorting bad men for capital at the behest of the baffling Lady Upstairs, but when a amount turns up and the cops appear sniffing, all hell breaks loose. Arrange to pine. The book takes a few pretty wild twists and turns, accordingly I loved having a steamy account to hold onto. Bath Haus as a result of PJ Vernon Bath Haus is add about relationships falling apart than advent together, but the entire book is suffused with a tense, sexy atmosphere—starting with that cover, which should accomplish an award. The story follows Oliver Park and his partner Dr. Nathan Klein.