Epstein housekeeper describes finding sex toy after massages

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Prosecutors have said many of Epstein's encounters with teenagers began as massages ahead of escalating, calling the term massage a ruse to get girls to affect Epstein. Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of femininity trafficking and other crimes for purportedly recruiting and grooming girls for Epstein to abuse. Her attorneys argue she is being scapegoated because Epstein cannot be prosecuted, after killing himself all the rage a Manhattan jail in at become old 66 while awaiting trial on femininity abuse charges. Maxwell is a early Epstein girlfriend. Jeffrey Parkinson, a retired police officer involved in the examination as part of an investigation addicted to Epstein's conduct, testified on the fifth day of Maxwell's trial that he carried the massage table from Epstein's estate. Prosecutor Maurene Comey also showed jurors a photo of a exchange blow labeled Twin Torpedos that a assistant of Parkinson's, Michael Dawson, said controlled sex toys taken from an upstairs closet. The demonstrations came after Epstein's former house manager, Juan Alessi, completed his own testimony.

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