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Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. The story of Canada since is, in many ways, a successful one: For a century and a half, people of different languages, cultures and backgrounds, thrown together in the vast, northern reaches of a continent, built a free society where regional communities could grow and prosper, linked by the common thread of an emerging national identity. There were false steps along the way, including the struggles of Aboriginal people for survival, and the ever-present tensions over federal unity. But for the most part, Canada became an example to the world of a modern, workable nation state. Its development can be broken into the following periods:. From it were carved Manitoba and the Northwest Territories in A year later, British Columbia entered Confederation on the promise of a transcontinental railway. Prince Edward Island was added in Alberta and Saskatchewan won provincial status inafter mass immigration at the turn of the century began to fill the vast Prairie West see Territorial Evolution.

Signing up enhances your TCE experience along with the ability to save items en route for your personal reading list, and admission the interactive map. The Great Decline of the early s was a worldwide social and economic shock. A small amount of countries were affected as severely at the same time as Canada. Millions of Canadians were absent unemployedhungry and often homeless. Widespread losses of jobs and savings transformed the country. The Depression triggered the beginning of social welfare and the advance of populist political movements. It additionally led the government to take a more activist role in the belt-tightening exercise. This is the full-length entry a propos the Great Depression in Canada. Economists still debate whether a specific affair, such as the Wall Street accumulation market crashsparked the Great Depression.

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