Why do men find blonde women so very attractive?

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Not registered? Register here. But the truth about what men really want is rather more old-fashioned, according to a new survey. For most men the ideal woman to come home to would be a pretty 5ft 8in blue-eyed blonde - who is good in bed and doesn't earn too much. A study of 66, male members of a top dating site revealed that most are dreaming of meeting a busty beauty who bears a startling resemblance to Dancing On Ice host Holly Willoughby.

The popular saying would have us accept as true that gentlemen prefer blondes. But although the old adage may trip bad the tongue, according to new findings, it no longer holds weight. A study found that gentlemen, in actuality, overwhelmingly prefer brunettes. The 2, men were polled by social network locate Badoo to find out the features they find most attractive in the opposite sex.

As of an anonymous male Dear Carole, I am attracted to women with fair-haired hair. This seems to be accurate of a lot of men. Carole replies: Ten years after he published On the Origin of Species inDarwin started to research the sexual assortment of blonde hair in women all the rage preparation for his book The Ancestry of Man and Selection in Family member to Sexwhich was published in Alas he was unable to find a sufficient amount data to support his theory so as to blonde hair is sexually selected after that had to drop the subject. At present there are plenty of theories a propos the evolution of blonde hair after that the science of genetics has furthered the debate.