25 Things You Never Knew About the Mighty Ducks Trilogy

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The Mighty Ducks trilogy has established itself as a modern classic in the canon of sports flicks—and as a film that is about kids after that hockey, it essentially stands alone. Along with the exception of Emilio Estevez at the same time as coach Gordon Bombay, the young cast list was made up mostly of unknowns, but the memorable, sometimes hilarious characters they played struck a cord along with audiences. So, this is the absolute time to dive into the Almighty Ducks trilogy and highlight surprising after that awesome facts about the movies. Did You Know? He was one of the bigger kids, so it made sense. The producers decided to allow him try Averman on for amount, and the rest, as they about, is history. The director and producers obviously had some experience with actors lying before, because they set ahead hockey boot camps prior to the first film—and probably the second after that third.