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Australia is a quite interesting country, with a lot of factors, such as climate, all small and large animals that can kill you in few minutes, which all make Australia different than other countries in the world. Well, if you want to find out, stay with me and I will tell you all about what are Australian women like, whether all Australian women stereotypes are true and how to meet Australian women online and in person. Australian women body type is really amazing. It is actually one of the first things you will notice about girls from Australia. They always tend to look good, whether it is about their clothes or figures, so you will definitely love to be in their presence. That said, Aussie women like sports because it helps them stay fit and in a good shape for their men, which is why you will rarely see overfat Australian girls on the streets. Another good way of staying in a good shape and being attractive is to always be healthy and clean, no matter what. Australian girls are pretty healthy, due to their diverse diets and active lifestyle, which consists of doing regular exercise and eating food that is good for their health. Therefore, you may end up seeing a lot of vegetarian Aussie girls as well, and not many of those who eat unhealthy fast food.