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Peterson published his third book and second international best-seller, Beyond Orderin March. The book expands in an intentional and direct way on its prequel, 12 Rules for Life Like 12 Rules for Life, Beyond Order offers 12 rules meant to help readers craft lives that include less pointless suffering though not necessarily less suffering and more meaning though not necessarily more happiness. Overall, Beyond Order is well argued and provocative, though more prone to discursiveness than its predecessor. This is mostly because his controversial views on Bill C a Canadian law pertaining to the use of pronouns as related to trans people got a great deal of media attention in and helped to grow his burgeoning international reputation. Yet Peterson and his central message about responsibility are difficult to shoehorn into either of our increasingly polarized political camps. Peterson and his central message about responsibility are difficult to shoehorn into either of our increasingly polarized political camps. Meanwhile, rhetoric on the right tends to be invested in telling people to strive regardless of their circumstances.

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