Tattoo Art & The Stories Behind ThemFrom YOU!

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In addition to making sure the artwork is something you want on your body for life, you also have to be mentally and physically ready for hours of discomfort as your tattoo artist sinks needles into your skin. Fun, right? Here are some steps to take and advice to head leading up to your next tattoo appointment. How to Prepare for Getting a Tattoo Follow these steps to prepare for a tattoo and be ready for your appointment.

A professional tattoo artist at work iStock. Today, about 30 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo, and among millennials the number jumps to almost 50 percent. We talked to a few seasoned experts a propos the intricacies of inking. Tattooing is really hard to break into. At present there are more than 15, tattoo parlors in the U. The at the outset step is to get an apprenticeship under a reputable artist who bidding teach you all they know, although that can take years of determination. His best tip for landing an apprenticeship? Sailor Jerry , for case, was known for his vibrant ink shades and Japanese-inspired designs. Captivated as a result of his work, other artists would ask him how he concocted such accomplished colors on the posters in his shop, and Jerry would tell them to add sugar water to the ink.

Perhaps during his school years he accepted wisdom a tattoo would balance the geeky glory of academic achievement. His agreeable shoulder. I thought about it. I went to a professional.

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