Why Should I Define My Sexuality for Others?

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Society conditions women to believe that they can only be attracted to the opposite sex, and if you have spent your life having close friendships with women or exclusively dating men, it can be difficult to tell whether your attraction is sexual, emotional, or a combination of the two. For me, as a young girl it was hard to visualize my queerness because most of the stories that I had been exposed to involved hetero love. Even lesbian stories seemed to be written with women characters as stand-ins for men, and it was hard to find a story that resonated with me. As Dr. Figuring out your sexuality is an important journey of self-discovery, and I think everybody owes it to themselves to explore the limits of your attraction. Why limit your love to only one half of the population unless you are really, really sure? For me, talking to queer women and trans femme friends about my attraction to other women was an important first step.

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