The age of sending nudes is upon us. Here's how to do it right.

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Via Instagram, a mutual friend had connected Nick, who lives in Pennsylvania, with a woman in Michigan, because he thought they might hit it off. And they did. After a day or two of flirting over texts and phone calls, she sent him a nude picture. Was this an invitation to reply with his own nude? Would sending a nude be the best way to make sure she sent more pictures of herself? Many people who I spoke to for this piece said swapping nudes before meeting in person tends to imply a one-time encounter, or at least, a purely sexual connection. Rather than making the first date weird, the folks I spoke to said they felt more comfortable because the intimacy of seeing each other naked tends to signal more open attitudes toward sex. Sometimes, if incompatible schedules make it difficult to meet up with an internet match in a timely manner, sending nudes can help maintain interest.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. Aug 10, Getty Images The old-fashioned love letter is officially dead. According to CNN , a new study found that carriage nudes or sexy texts is the new way to keep the ember alive in your relationship. Researchers by Drexel University surveyed Americans ranging amid 18 and 82 for their analyse. They found that 88 percent of respondents had sexted at least a long time ago, and 82 percent did so contained by the last year.

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