50 Violent Rap Lyrics That Will Make You Cringe

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Someone who is cheerfully unconcerned about the future or possibility of problems Hard nut to crack, tough nut to crack A difficult problem to solve or a formidable undertaking That's a tough nut to crack, not having a GPS system while traveling in an unfamiliar city. Literally, look up and get out of the way because something is about to hit you Heart in hand Someone who has all their emotions or feelings exposed and vulnerable Heart on your sleeve Overly sensitive or vulnerable to being hurt by little things Heartstring, pulling on your heartstring One's deepest feelings of love or compassion Heaven help us A spiritual reference meaning you can't do anything else except rely on faith or fate or God or angels in heaven to save you Hell in a handbasket or Hell in a handbag An expression describing a situation irrevocably headed for disaster Send those unwilling to work to hell in a handbasket if they complain again. All terms of endearment or affection related to good food Hemming and hawing An expression meaning to discuss, deliberate, or contemplate rather than taking action or making up one's mind My mom just keeps hemming and hawing whether it's the right time to retire from her job or not. Hit the nail on the head An expression meaning that's exactly right! Hogan's goat Something that is so messed up it is not even understandable or stinks like a goat.

The momentous occasion recognizes another spectacle all the rage which his opponent, Conor McGregor, bidding become the first boxer in account to dress his three-month old daughter in a royal three-piece suit after that sunglasses for a fight. It's altogether going to be beautiful. But although the main event is certain en route for be at the very least absorbing, the one thing we should altogether look forward to come fight dark is the walk-out music. The time-tested ritual of fighters gearing up designed for battle with a specific song of choice is an important one, after that it's no secret that certain tunes lend themselves more to knocking-somebody-the-fuck-out than others. The following songs you are about to listen to are they. Are you and your crew at a snail's pace rolling up to coordinated back-alley scrap? Boy does G-Unit have a chant for you.

Capital of Angels 24kGoldn is a rapper, singer, and composer from San Francisco, who, Inat the age of 19, was attending the University of Southern California, so maybe the name of the album this song comes as of Dropped Outta College is premature. A long time ago again, the title of the chant refers to the literal translation of the Spanish language name for the city of Los Angeles, the capital where the song's protagonist is captivate to designer clothes. The song is an interesting mix of hip-hop after that alternative, and it's even getting airplay on alternative stations that wouldn't challenge play straight up hip-hop. This chant is from their album In My Tribe.

The game has always placed a premium on street cred, which is a testament to one's reputation throughout the areas they frequent and beyond. Avenue cred can be attained through a choice of means, but striking fear in others is one of the more common -- and effective -- ways en route for go about being respected in the streets, as well as in the realm of hip-hop. Going back at the same time as early as pioneers like Melle Mel, who was one of the at the outset street-certified MCs in rap, hip-hop had its fair share of imposing figures during the s, including Just-Ice, Eric B. While there were more than a few fearsome figures in blow, much of the music made aforementioned to -- when acts like N. That decade would see hip-hop ad infinitum come under fire due to contentious lyrics. The critics perceived the lines as promoting violent acts and criminality under the guise of keeping it real. Fans and the greater broadcast have become somewhat desensitized from the harsh realities laid on wax after that now categorize it as closer en route for entertainment than a testimonial. Besides, who doesn't like a little bit of hardcore rap from time to time? With that in mind, XXL highlights 50 of the most violent lyrics we've come across throughout the years.

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