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They passed me on the street at night, they leant up against the same railing at U-Bahn stations. Germans tend to stare, but translated into the underground of the German lesbian world this meant that complete strangers would catch my gaze and hold it for an entire train journey. Once I stumbled out, almost breathless, dizzy from the way a woman had been watching me, while my straight friend chattered on beside me, oblivious to the entire exchange. We were out there to be looked at. We were cruising. Its purposes are manifold, seeking not only sex but partnership, community, and identity. In Gay New York, George Chauncey, writing about the early gay scene in the city from toexplains that well-known cruising areas offered the chance to find sexual partners and socialise with other gay men. It was the first gay community I found in the pre-global internet in Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. Cruising and literature are inherently linked: cruising is, after all, a form of reading, with its own codes and languages.

Additional York: Routledge, Pp xi, Simone Chess's Male-to-Female Crossdressing in Ahead of schedule Modern English Literature revisits a area that had its heyday in the s and s when the cross-pollination of feminism and new historicism bent a wealth of critical interest all the rage Shakespeare's disguised heroines, real-life transvestites akin to Moll Cutpurse of The Roaring Child, and antitheatrical diatribes about the erotic dangers of cross-dressed actors. These studies, as Chess notes in her beginning, tended to fall into certain double patterns: female-to-male FTM crossdressing was as a rule empowering, benefitting the disguised heroine although raising enlightening questions about the constructedness of gender; male-to-female MTF crossdressing, equally, spoke to cultural anxieties about effeminacy, seduction, and degeneration. Crossdressed erotic action was examined in similarly binary terms of homoeroticism — eg, a manly character attracted to a male-disguised act heroine as an instance of male-male desire — or heterosexuality, if individual took the stage's fictions at accept value. As Chess observes, however, our own contemporary landscape of gender after that sexuality has changed since then all the rage ways that may be bringing us closer to our early modern counterparts, with their ways of thinking a propos anatomical sex as a spectrum after that no fixed concept of sexual 'orientation' In particular, the book is concerned with questions of 'relational' femininity expression — 'how MTF crossdressers add up to their gender with and through their relationships with other characters' 9 — and with recovering representations of astonishing gender that are positive and advantageous, rather than shaming, for the crossdresser.

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