Discreet vs. Discrete: What’s the Difference?

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Homophones are nothing but trouble. They often top the lists of commonly confused words and spelling mistakes. But even when you see them in writing, many homophone pairs are spelled so similarly that you might not know which is which. If you were a person who handles problems especially potentially embarrassing problems without calling attention to them, you might be considered a discreet person. The Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge was launched by the NIH division as part of its commitment to look for a non-invasive, discreet wearable technology not only for use by the authorities, but also for individuals. Service is attentive without being intrusive, in keeping with the overall air of discreet, understated elegance in the whole establishment. No one has asked to recreate any of the receptions in Four Weddings and a Funeral but it could probably be discreetly arranged. To act with discretion is to avoid causing offense or revealing sensitive information. A person or object that is not connected with something; a part of something that is individual and separate:.

After words sound exactly the same, they are called homophones. Homophones are artful because the only way to acquaint with them apart is by recognizing their different spellings. In spoken language, denial one would ever know the alteration, but when we write the words, we need to make sure en route for use the correct spelling. Let's air at the homophones discreet and detached and their very different meanings. Careful is an adjective that is old to describe an action that is unobtrusive, subtle, or understated. It is something that is done on the down low.

Careful means on the down low, below the radar, careful, but discrete agency individual or detached. Today discreet is to be politely private about a bite and to be aware of consequences if everyone finds out what you're doing. Be discreet when you eat the lollipop your mom gave you but not your sister, so you don't have to listen to a tantrum. Wealthy people often try en route for be discreet with their money, as they don't want everyone to appreciate they're rich. When you're trying en route for be cool, and keep something calm, you're being discreet :.