20 things every woman deserves from the guy in her life

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Everyone loves when their man spoils them. It doesn't matter if he's sending flowers to their workplace, stopping by with chocolates just because, or if he's showering them in compliments—no one turns down an opportunity to be spoiled! Here's the thing, though: he may not say it, but guys love being spoiled just as much as anyone else. In fact, if he's not too embarrassed, he'll outright tell his partner that he wants to be spoiled a little every now and then. It doesn't take much to make him happy—all it really takes is knowing what he's into. What's his personality like? What does he appreciate?

All thinks that love and pain attempt hand-in-hand. They assume that nasty fights and saved screenshots and pillows blemish with tears are the norm. Although you know better. You wish they could have what you have. You wish everyone could. He pales all the rage comparison to your current boyfriend.