Day-O : The Banana Boat Song

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While activities at school, new interests, and a growing social life become more important to growing kids, parents are still the anchors, providing love, guidance, and support. And that connection provides a sense of security and helps build the resilience kids needs to roll with life's ups and downs. What to Expect Your preteen may act as if your guidance isn't welcome or needed, and even seem embarrassed by you at times. This is when kids start to confide more in peers and request their space and privacy — expect the bedroom door to be shut more often. As hard as it might be to swallow these changes, try not to take them personally. They're all signs of growing independence. The best way to weather them is through balance: allow growing room by expanding boundaries, but continue to enforce important house rules and family values. For example, a child who asks for more privacy might be allowed to earn the privilege getting a bedroom door lock by doing some household chores for a set amount of time. But you don't have to let go entirely.

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