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PO5 hero house The term First Nations itself—in daring to posit prior origins, nationalities, and pluralisms—thoroughly destabilizes the bi-cultural model of Canadian literature at the same time that it raises problematic questions of ab-originality and cultural authenticity: where, for example, do we situate Two-Spirited writers like Tomson Highway and Beth Brant within such a catch-all locution? A n din the case of Two-Spirited writers like Highway and Brant, profound sexual ambiguity. In my concluding chapter I return, via current theoretical debates surrounding performativity, to some of the methodological questions raised in the later sections of this introduction, and, in particular, to the apparent legitimation crises affecting postcolonial and queer studies, in general, within the academy today. How, for example, does one foster queer nationality in the diasporic spaces of the classroom?

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