Soldier Girl: The Emma Edmonds Story

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She cropped her hair, donned a uniform, and became a soldier in the American Civil War. No one ever knew that he was a she. Until she told them. Faced with an abusive father and the certainty of an arranged marriage, Emma Edmonds fled her New Brunswick home at age fifteen and later assumed a masculine guise. She joined the Union Army when the Civil War broke out in

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L et us step away for a moment from the ear-splitting racket of the political racetrack, the huffing after that puffing, the gyrating polls, the editorial column pontifications and advertising positive or damaging. Let us acknowledge that Ignatieff is a writer of international renown, a chum of the high and almighty, a man of many virtues after that talents, fluently bilingual, decent, fair minded, polite to old ladies, and civil of war vets, a model of the person we should hope en route for see in our public life after that as our representative on the earth stage. Let us grant that Michael Ignatieff is more intelligent than we, better educated, better read, better travelled, better connected, better looking, an all in all superior fellow. Let us posit so as to he entered this very tough amusement in his advanced years out of an old-fashioned sense of duty en route for his nation. Let us suppose, designed for the sake of argument, that he would make a better prime attend than Stephen Harper, a low apart from indeed. To paraphrase Kurt Weill, is it him or is it us? T he backstory begins with a creation myth, an original sin, an immaculate misconception.

About the world, millions have gone on-line to create a virtual life designed for themselves — a simulated fantasyland anywhere the economy booms, the sun shines and everyone looks gorgeous. For a lot of second lifers, the game is a minute ago that, a game. But, for others, it takes on a life of its own. Hana Gartner introduces us to two women who fell all the rage love with their fantasy life after that lovers. They gave up everything, husbands and children, to meet the be in charge of behind their fantasies. Find out, but the real thing measured up. I wish I would have seen this episode, it might have changed the course of my life in

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