Matt Gaetz: Why this Trump ally is fighting for his political life

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A propos sharing Image source, Getty Images Matt Gaetz, a rising star in the Republican Party known for his flamboyant lifestyle and frequent flirtations with argument, may now be embroiled in a sex scandal that carries very actual legal jeopardy. Gaetz-gate, as it is being called, began with reports after everything else week that the third-term congressman as of Florida may have had sexual relations with a year-old girl. Since after that, the story has spiralled into a world of sugar daddies - men who lavish young women with coin and gifts - extortion, fraud after that sex trafficking. It has included reports that Gaetz showed photos of bare women on his phone to lawmakers on the floor of the Abode of Representatives and boasted about his sexual exploits. The congressman has vehemently denied all allegations and dismissed calls for his resignation.

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