Campbell continuing to grow as a first-time play caller

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He's not only learning how to be a full-time head coach in the NFL this season, but he's additionally been a first-time play caller at the same time as well the last three weeks. Campbell is still searching for his at the outset win as Detroit's head coach, after that we've yet to see the offense really take off under his stewardship the last three weeks. Detroit is the last three weeks with Campbell calling plays, and Detroit's averaged To be fair, Campbell has dealt with either adverse weather conditions before a banged up or backup quarterback at the helm the last three weeks. But just as coaches appraise players on a weekly basis based on the game film, Campbell evaluates himself as a play caller also. He said there are plays all the rage every game the last three weeks he wishes he had back. This past week it was the act call on the 3rd and 32 in the second quarter at their own yard line. The first along is probably off the books all the rage that situation, but a yard accept could have put the offense all the rage at least field goal range. As a replacement for, Campbell ran the ball up the middle for a 1-yard gain after that then punted.

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