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Anastasia Rarig We often hear of people in high-stress or challenging careers experiencing burnout like teachers, nurses or social workers. But what is burnout? Burnout is more than just a lack of motivation, which everyone experiences from time to time. Burnout is a debilitating state that can happen after experiencing a large amount of stress over a long period of time. It can include frustration, chronic fatigue, emotional exhaustion, difficulty focusing, lack of motivation and a decreased sense of purpose about work. All of these symptoms can lead to a decline in job or academic performance. The most common cause for student burnout is assignment overload — too much work from too many classes. Family issues, financial stress and outside jobs can also contribute to student burnout.

Tania OrtizOpinion Editor February 7, As the state of the pandemic is ever-shifting, we all have to be arrange alert for when changes happen. Although there is going to be a group of people who have so as to type of mindset when they assume of spring break, other students appear to be frustrated for a altered reason. Students are primarily frustrated as spring break serves as a age to recover from all the accent accumulated during the first half of the semester, especially during these exceptional times, where anxiety and stress are heavily present. Many students during this time are stressing more about delicate matters along with the constant anxiety of school. Students need a ability to recharge and take a action back from their studies for a little before coming back to administer the coup de grace the semester strong. Taking away bounce break may also cause students en route for lose the motivation needed to accomplish well in their classes. CSUSM has yet to cancel our spring be in breach of, and there is no way of telling whether it will remain so as to way.

Tania Ortiz , Editor-in-Chief November 10, At the same time as we enter the final weeks of the semester, anxiety and stress attend to to make their regular appearances all the rage college students nationwide. Fear of absent assignments, balancing a proper school-work-life assess and making sure to catch a few sleep becomes the only priorities. All college student experiences end-of-semester stress another way. As a fifth-year student, managing my end-of-semester stress has been a trial-and-error process. Luckily, heading into the absolute stretch of this semester, I allow picked up some strategies to aid the stress and finish off the semester strong.

She works compassionately with students to advantage them navigate the financial aid administer. For example, one day a care for and son were very upset a propos the [Financial Aid] process; Anna took the time to help them act through it to the point so as to they came back later that calendar day to personally thank her for her assistance. This allows the student en route for get help from both offices devoid of feeling like they are being accepted around. She makes sure that we have the latest flyers over all the rage Admissions and always has a beam on her face when I accompany her. She will help steer me in the right direction for resources. On several occasions, she will delve into a question that I asked en route for make sure I have the acceptable information. She is always friendly after that happy to help. I was promoted to Financial Aid Advisor in April of What brought you en route for CCCC?

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