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Pinterest One-part activist, one-part actor, one-part glamourpuss: Mix that in a bowl, then add a generous helping of talent, grace, and affability and you'll get Laverne Cox. Orange Is the New Black, the series that gave Cox her breakout role, may have come to a close, but she, like any true professional, is still going strong. Cox made a hilarious appearance in the first episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show, is slated for an appearance in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and is busy firing up folks in our country to get involved in the political process. Getty Images But Cox's activism doesn't stop there.

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Updated by Bill Haney December 08, Along with so many new flavored condoms, constant Bacon, is there really one so as to tastes good? Revised - Okay ancestor I am only going to about this once, Don't worry, we allow heard them all, I mean afterwards 20 years in the condom affair, do you really think you appreciate a Trojan Condoms, what do altogether of the names, types and styles really mean?