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Tattoo designs, drawings of absurdist landscapes, several one-man bands, posters, book design… anything goes for his ongoing quest for the unboring. For this video, Father gave us a glance into a regular day of his life. Below this portrait I asked him some questions about him being an artist. Describe what a regular day of work looks like. I clean the place up and make sure the ladies of fun can have a proper day of working there. Whenever the ladies bring in early customers they can see me chilling in the kitchen drawing stuff or reading the newspaper, kool vibes for sure. Than I go out for a run outside or to the gym. I work at home and play records and around 5 I open up a beer and start cooking.

This tale starts with a dream Advantage me Please help me. I was locked up by a demon. You are my only hope, help me get out of here.

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