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Designer: Zarucci

Zarucci specializes in evening wear and leather goods, timeless pieces that highlight a woman’s silhouette; where fabric is draped and wrapped to accentuate the feminine curves. Fine hand and machine embroidery that leaves the impression of body tattoos. The style is distinct with a unique mix of lustrous fabrics, exquisite embroidery, damask prints and leather.


The Zarucci woman is a fashion forward woman regardless of her age. It’s not for women within a certain age group but rather women within a certain life style. A style setting woman that wants to stand out in a crowd during a special occasion for glamour and sophistication. Creating a gown that will make her noticed for all the right reasons.


Nora Zabarah Pucci, an Ottawa University MBA Graduate, always had a desire for fine fabrics, texture; leather and anything created by hand. Art exude her innate sense of style and love of beauty. The collection is a reflection of her design philosophy that a woman, regardless of her age, should be elegant, poised and fabulous. It combines the traditional and classic with a tasteful addition of something modern. It is about understanding of what looks and feels beautiful. Because that is what every woman wants, to be beautiful!


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Designer: Zarucci - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014